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Canon 5d MKii, Mkii and 60D compared side by side video | DSLR VIdeo Studio™

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Canon 5D Mkii, Canon Mkiii and Canon 6D compared in this shootout for image, functions and operations for both photography and video. Useful information guide.

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World Usability Day 14 Nov, 2013, Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems

World Usability Day 14 Nov, 2013, Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems

World Usability Day 14 November, 2013, 
Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems
The importance of user-centered design in healthcare is truly life or death. Whether it’s new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning or increasing the functionality of hospitals and everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected in some way by the intersection of usability in healthcare. There are many commonalities, yet each region of the world faces its own set of unique challenges. We believe that focusing World Usability Day 2013 on healthcare will create a stronger awareness of these issues and lead to initiative that have long term impact on the quality of everyone’s life.
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Workshop: Many People, Many Eyes: Aggregating Influences of Visual Perception on User Interface Design

Universal Usability and Interaction Design (UUID)


Many People, Many Eyes: Aggregating Influences of Visual Perception on
Interface Design
A CHI 2013 workshop, with Keynote talk by Jeffrey Heer

April 28, 2013, Paris, France in conjunction with CHI 2013

Submission deadline: January 11, 2013
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There are many differences in how we see the world. Native Welsh
for example, lose their ability to differentiate between green and blue
they acquire the language (4-month old babies can visually
adults cannot). Colorblindness affects around 8% of men and 0.4% of
Gender modulates which designs we perceive as appealing and
North Americans are relatively better at ignoring the context
surrounding a
focal object, whereas East Asians perceive such contextual information
These differences affect our perception of interface designs and other
visualizations, yet two substantial questions remain: (1) How can we
provide visual…

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EuroITV 2013

Universal Usability and Interaction Design (UUID)

EuroITV 2013: Thinking Outside the Box
11th European Interactive TV Conference
June 24-26 2013, Como, Italy

EuroITV is the leading international conference for media and
related to video and television.
During the past years, new technologies brought tremendous change to
the TV
industries by shifting the value control point from distribution to
consumption. This year’s theme “Thinking Outside the Box” is a stimulus
explore how these changes might affect television, by exploring new
perspectives and leveraging cross-domain synergy.

Researchers and practitioners from all over the world meet to discuss
latest advances in media technology, HCI, systems & technology, media
studies, personalization and recommender systems, and content creation
We invite original, high quality papers submissions addressing how
technologies open up new ways of consumption and interaction with
rich-media content.

The main conference proceedings, in cooperation with ACM, SIGCHI,
and SIGMM, will be…

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Windows 8 Store–Not Very Efficient

is it that True?

Victor C. Gonzalez "The Experience of User Interfaces"

After trying for over a week to get Windows 8 to work effectively with my Dell XPS 17” Touch Screen Laptop I was finally able to do so, unfortunately I had to wipe off all of my software and do a total clean installation. I decided to just move on and go to the Microsoft windows 8 app store and to my surprise (Not really, Microsoft always does that kind of stuff) the store experience is confusing, not effective and wasteful, but the one thing that I could just not believe was the total lack of feedback to the user if an app was already installed, instead of getting a quick visual cue at the top level I had to drill down to find out the app was already installed. Seriously! add a small badged to the already installed apps please after a couple of days and weeks most users…

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