Workshop: Many People, Many Eyes: Aggregating Influences of Visual Perception on User Interface Design

Universal Usability and Interaction Design (UUID)


Many People, Many Eyes: Aggregating Influences of Visual Perception on
Interface Design
A CHI 2013 workshop, with Keynote talk by Jeffrey Heer

April 28, 2013, Paris, France in conjunction with CHI 2013

Submission deadline: January 11, 2013
Website –
Email –


There are many differences in how we see the world. Native Welsh
for example, lose their ability to differentiate between green and blue
they acquire the language (4-month old babies can visually
adults cannot). Colorblindness affects around 8% of men and 0.4% of
Gender modulates which designs we perceive as appealing and
North Americans are relatively better at ignoring the context
surrounding a
focal object, whereas East Asians perceive such contextual information
These differences affect our perception of interface designs and other
visualizations, yet two substantial questions remain: (1) How can we
provide visual…

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Adobe CS5 Launch..preview the features

Wow!! Adobe CS5 comes up with amazing features to blast the creativity in min. time.
Lot of New features bundled in this version, few would like to share with you that i was impressed in CS5 Launch Web cast completed just now , Here you go…

intelligent Select
CS review – multiple review notes can be embedded in Document
preset animation (preview on design)
Mercury Playback Engine (pR)
64 bit application
better ram usage
Rotoscoping – roto brush
Document (sTT) speech to text conversion – effective Transcript feature
Flash – Text Flow in Multiple box
Code Builder – excellent code builder for flexible code development
Flash Catalyst
3d Reposes(makes your pic in to 3d object)
Dreamweaver – Discover – picking all your dynamic url need for the project
Onion Skin
Bristle Brush – Great tool to control on painting
New Natural Distortion
Flash Player 10.1
Device Central will gives the freedom to make app to all cross media – code once Share Multiple

you can also view ondemand

Introduction to JQuery

Introduction to JQuery

What is JQuery?
A Simple power full JavaScript Framework called JQuery
Actually JQuery is JavaScript Library that simply your HTML rendering like Event handling, Simple animation, fancy and power interaction in very simple effort and highly productive manner.

What Exactly JQuery Do for you?
If you want to create WOW Factor to your end user not only in terms of Design but very power full Navigation, JQuery Allows you to use and manipulate the xml and also allow you to load dynamic content, custom changes of your data with out page refreshing, You get the new development experience while start using JQuery of great design and application in minimal effort and time.
Dynamically and constantly update your content
.by Using JQuery Content Reorganizing and User Custom interface

Is any body using JQuery?
Yes! Absolutely Most of the Popular using JQuery

Also have a look how JQuery used in different area

Where you can Use Jquery
If you’re a Web Designer / Developer and if you’re any web based project, you can take Control of your Web Site, Web application, gaming by using Jquery

Where to start jquery:
You can visit
Set up & getting started

Editor to use
Idle you can use and Text editor,
If your are a Developer you use your default IDE.
If you are an Designer good one to use Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor to design your page using Jquery

Why should I User Jquery
Advantage of Jquery
Light weight (comparatively its very light weight
Have many Plugins and have flexible to write own Plugins
Easy and simple to learn as CSS, HTML
Make Designer life very easy
Lots of Documentation available to kick starts your Jquery
Very Powerful with very small library
Rederening fast on Browser
Easy to Extend

Overall using Jquery saves your time, improve your productivity and helps you to create a better better user experience and wow factor on your application, websites and games.

Key Words: JQuery, Scripting, Tutorial, CSS, Web Design

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